How we work with our client

Servitama Consulting is a consulting firm consist with very talented, expertized and innovative consul- tant in assurance services to obtain significant bene- fit through integrated information technology solu- tions. We are the first Indonesian company who de- veloped ERM and Risk Based Audit solution for vari- ous client industri.

Servitama can assist your organization apply an integrated approach to identifying and assessing business-critical risks, evaluating existing risk management infrastructure elements, and constructing continuous according to various ERM best practice (i.e. ISO 31000, ISO 27000, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II-III, Project Risk Management, Information Technology Risk Management (COBIT Compliance), COSO ERM, Healthcare and Clinical Risk Governance

What We Believe

Enteprise Risk Management

We provide comprehensive ERM services designed to ensure client can comply to ISO 31000.

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Risk Based Audit

Client may encounter difficulties when integrated risk profile into audit universe caused ERM

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Internal Audit

The objective of internal audit co-sourcing is carried out by a partnership with a company's in-house interna

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Coronavirus pandemic

What you need to know

Our Leaders

DR. Riptono, MS.I, Ak

Chief Executive Office

Rio. Harcan, M.Ak, MPM

Chief Executive Office

Budi Enda Dhaniswara,QIA, CRMP, EMRCP, CFE


Dimas Anugrah, QRMP

Senior Manager

Business Solution

InfoZoom is an easy to use solution for analyzing data without having to first define and store tables or files. It only takes a few clicks to define and start analysis. There are many aggregating functions such as sum, average, minimum, maximum, etc.

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Email : info@servitama.co.id

Contact : Dimas Anugrah

Phone Number : +6281280004224